Bit Heroes MOD APK v2.4.405 (Unlimited Money, No Ads) Download 2023

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Additional Information
App NameBit Heroes MOD APK
Publisher WithAPK
Genre Role Playing
Size 45MB
Latest Version2.4.405
Mod Info Unlimited Diamonds
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Update 3 Dec 2022

bit heroes mod apk

Enjoy RPG gameplay with Bat Hero MOD APK; you can collaborate or automate your actions at the touch of a button. Collect powerful weapons and seek help from wise people; you can fight with other players multiple times. Developers welcome Pixel RPG to Information Day. The game’s community site keeps new and existing players informed of the latest developments in the game. With more miniature heroes, you can better understand how the game works.

Find and fight your favorite heroes and monsters from 8- and 16-bit era dungeons in open spaces. Collect tons of items and tricks from your jail and power up your team the old-fashioned way. Take part in PvP battles in the arena, loot mines, build the most substantial houses to help fight, and prove that you are the most muscular man in the world.

Bit Heroes MOD APK Gameplay

bit heroes mod apk

There are many RPG fans all over the world. Madrid is a good choice if you want to download this game as a free mod APK download site. But it is free and time. You can also enjoy the game by using the game mechanics. Modroid guarantees that Bit Heroes Mod will not charge the user; it is 100% safe and ready to use and install. Just download the Modroid client and install Bit Hero 2.4.402 in one click. What are you waiting for? Download Modroid and start playing now!

Download Latest Version

bit heroes mod apk

Below you will see how to manually install Bit Hero v2.4.405 Mod APK on your Android device is very easy.  Connect your device to your computer and transfer the file you downloaded above to your phone memory.

Features of Bit Heroes APK

bit heroes mod apk

● Assemble the team

● Aim for Bounties

● Conquer the Dungeons

● Auto Play

● Potions to Stockpile

Assemble the team

Combine thousands of powerful monsters and characters to form a team. Strength, stamina, and power are determined by winning battles against opponents.

Aim for Bounties

Good behavior is recorded in the game, and you can win new prizes daily. Pay as soon as possible to avail this benefit. The missions you get are straightforward, and the game usually plays similarly. So it is easy. Check your daily reward to see how you’re doing overall.

Conquer the Dungeons

The game has many dungeons; random generation adds a special touch to the experience to avoid hitting the other leg each time. You can play the same slot multiple times and get different rewards.

Auto Play

No RPG is complete without a premise; fortunately, AI works automatically. You can live alone without worrying about your death. Courage also helps. You have to work hard. Develop this skill with others. Choose the hardest difficulty and unlock it to play. Remember to check out the website. Because if you know the seller, click or log in.

Potions to Stockpile

You don’t need to drink a lot to get going; on the other hand, minerals become rarer as the game progresses. We recommend stocking and storing as many medications as possible. Be afraid to use it. If the opponent is more substantial or faster, drink potions when their health is below average.

MOD Features of Bit Heroes APK

bit heroes mod apk

● Unique Mod

● Unlimited Gold

● Ads Removed

● Daily Rewards

● Play games on smartphone & laptop

Unique MOD

Traditional RPGs require a lot of time to build game resources/talents/skills. This is why the game is fun and exciting and a tedious collection process, but we’ll deal with that when we get to the league. So it is straightforward to skip this step.

Unlimited Gold

This Bat Hero app offers unlimited gems without actual money purchased from any game store. With more miniature heroes, you can get more gold and more power. Enjoy Bat Heroes Hack APK without worrying about buying game items with real money.

Daily Rewards

You get more benefits in cash when you dig and move mountains. The first step is to find the key and open the box. Each of them has its monetary value. The most expensive sports items are diamonds and gold.

Play games on smartphones & laptops

Bit Heroes Mod APK stands as one of the numerous famous games you can play on Android & PC. You can play with both lists to see all the fantastic twists. You can play and explore all the possibilities.


The Quest for the Bat Hero pixel RPG captures the excitement and memories of your favorite RPG games. Explore and fight in open eight and 16-bit dungeons of heroes and monsters. Explore, collect mines and create endless loot to upgrade and increase your power.

Everything will be clear after reading the detailed guide written by I will be happy to answer. Check out our other great designs!

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