Kick the Buddy: Forever Mod APK v1.4.1 (Unlimited Money) Free Download 2023

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APP NameKick the Buddy: Forever Mod APK
Size107.9 MB
Last updateToday

A fun game where you throw sharp objects at a character named Buddy a hit is called a buddy. Eternal: This time, the developers have added many features. Now you can try different tools and projects. Folks, not all devices are suitable. The graphics are the same, but this will be my tutorial. You can do it with friends.

Kick the Buddy Forever Mod APK

To mine coins and diamonds, you must first find them. You’ll get all new tools, better maps, and more. Read tips and tricks about the game. Download Buddy Mod APK for free and enjoy the whole gaming experience.

Kick the Buddy: Forever MOD APK Storyline

Play land’s best arcade game, Kick Buddy, always running. The basic idea of the game is the same as the first game. So it would be best if you kept killing your friends with weapons like guns, swords, and grenades. This game has outstanding graphics. With businesses, new areas, new dialogue, and tons of nasty weapons, you’ll always smile as you shoot them down. Remember, there are many customization options to keep things fun and fresh.

Kick the Buddy Forever Mod APK

The game is excellent, but you must kill the creatures with different weapons. Polaner never liked horror movies. A picture of a friend is a good example, but it protects N from an armed attack. Concentrate and bend slightly. He had a smile on his face. “I leave my wife,” he continued. They love the collection created by Medium – The board is designed to develop plays with lasting impact.

Kick Buddy APK Installation Guidelines

If you don’t want to download Buddy, you can download Forever Mod APK on Buddy. Forever APK from; this version of the APK will be updated soon and you can easily update Kick Buddy. Eternal APK is not downloadable from Google Play.

Kick the Buddy Forever Mod APK

Make sure you have downloaded all previous versions of the game installed on your device; go to Settings, tap Security, then tap Allow Unknown Sources. (Installation does not start immediately)

Installing APK files in this app is very easy

Please wait for the email to open before opening it, and the letter will be completed.

Install the app on your Mars device.

Follow all its instructions.

Enjoy the fantastic features of this excellent app after successful installation.

Modifying Features of Kick the Buddy: Forever APK

  • Hilarious weapons
  • Unlock All
  • No Ads
  • Unlimited Everythings
  • Gold & purple diamonds
  • Collect Coins
Kick the Buddy Forever Mod APK

Hilarious weapons

Kick Buddy Forever’s weapon system is unique and more fun than ever. With both numbers and levels, players can acquire new weapons such as plasma pistols, chainsaws, gauges, and space robots. The consequences and effects on the players involved are quite different. The friendly characters in the game are also old characters but remade. Many players will appreciate this exciting change in their game. The latter version was a huge success when it was released.

Gold & purple diamonds

Eternal has two main currencies: gold coins and purple diamonds. Each area can be used for different things, such as unlocking items or customizing your character’s appearance. After completing the game screen, you can get coins and coins.

You can pick up bandits when you attack them each attack spins gold. The more you shoot the more gold coins you will drop. You can collect gold there. Awarded the Purple Diamond, you can access the table by dragging. A small amount of purple diamond was found. New characters can be unlocked after using them this girl is a boy.

Collect Coins

If you’ve played Kick Buddy before, you’ll be amazed at how much damage you can inflict on your friends by kicking them; coins can also be purchased by tapping. If you are more enthusiastic, you can use their services.

Features of Kick the Buddy: Forever APK Latest Version

  • Flip cards       
  • Additional characters
  • VIP Trial
Kick the Buddy Forever Mod APK

Flip cards

Join Coke Buddy and take part in an exciting level – endless mode! A friend appears in the room. Your job here is to use all the means to attack the loser with a shield. You have to strike to increase the progress bar visible in the game.

After filling out the board, eight cards are dealt. You can choose to close the lid randomly with new tools and money. Continue the conversation on the next page of the game. Make the game more interesting because you can attack with different tools. Your friend’s skills will also improve, and you can expect many exciting rewards.

Additional characters

It is essential to keep this in mind while playing the game because if you specialize in certain mediums, you can get special rewards. Remember that breaking eggs or candy is a reward; they destroy more than themselves.

But they pay well you can use UFOs and characters like friends Rick and Marty, to deal more damage to your team without using weapons. Avoiding a finger attack can damage your allies and deal more damage.

VIP Trial

As mentioned earlier, you can sign up for a VIP trial within the first three days. To maintain your VIP membership and don’t want to spend real money, you’ll need to pay a weekly fee in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

You can cancel your VIP membership by the end of the third day. Take advantage of a 3-day trial at a low price. If you have VIP status, you will receive three additional services. Two hundred diamonds and 2000 coins per day, so you can get 400 free gems and 4000 coins before paying the membership fee.


Your new friend has arrived. Play a new horror game with your friends and try all the cool weapons. Experience a new friend every time with hits, bombs, nukes, friend evolutions, and more. Enjoy detailed and beautiful graphics. New guests and friends, great staff, great locations, and many other ads cook Buddy.

Eternal (MOD, Unlimited Money) is a skill-building game for boys that can be played more than once. Finally, the game asks you to do something unique and interesting. Weapon options and the game board is where you interact with these characters.

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